The Hendrixxx – ‘Preseason’ -flourishes with its rhymes and chill grooves

The Hendrixxx – ‘Preseason’ -flourishes with its rhymes and chill grooves

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The Hendrixxx was born and raised in New Haven Connecticut. He grew up homeless, in a tough environment, while his trials and tribulations pushed his passion towards music at a young age. Despite the early hardships, he went on to build his own studio and taught himself the principles of recording. During the last four years The Hendrixxx has released three mixtapes – ‘The Exxxperiment 1’ and ‘The ‘Exxxperiment 2 Mad Chemist’, and ‘M.A.R.S’. Now he has dropped the 4 track EP, entitled ‘Preseason’.

With production by Beatsbymbb, Deekay and Wheezy, the whole EP is well-produced and engineered. When listening to songs like “Major League”, “Bigger”, “What’s The Play”, and “Do What I Want”, everything from instrumentals, vocals, and rhymes are executed with skill, and flow nicely from one track to the next.

The Hendrixxx is an anomaly in the current wave of new age rap music, as he is a gifted wordsmith who can be lauded for creating lyrical gems with his music.

Words are important to the rapper, and he doesn’t take their impact lightly. Right from the opening track, “Major League”, he lays down the gauntlet, coming out with self-empowering and inspiring lines, sprinkled all over the track, leaving no doubt about his self-confidence: “I’m number one in the city. I’m different. I got more, I got plenty.” He always pays attention to what he’s saying, as he sends out coded messages.

In this rap era where much of the emphasis is put on the sound or vibe of a record, I believe that although The Hendrixxx leans on his lyrics and storytelling, his authenticity, and the ability to deliver, both vibes and words, can cut through the trend. Case in point, is “Bigger”, which flourishes with its rhymes and chill groove.

Narrative, lyrical ability, smooth flow, authenticity, culture, sound, and vibe, are things you can’t just make up. You could improvise one or two, but never the whole package together. You could claim to do so, if you’re called Kanye, but that’s whole different story. Instead The Hendrixxx shows us on “What’s The Play”, that he’s damn near close to that total package, than most could imagine.

Armed with an unwavering resilience, The Hendrixxx harbors an inspiring ability to empower himself, which he aptly does on “Do What I Want”. This makes him one hell of a storyteller, but there is a list of out-shining attributes that no one can take away from him. And this track balances all the sides that will make fans love The Hendrixxx.

It’s always good to hear a natural talent rapping in his most comfortable environment. The Hendrixxx is truly in a state of grace and empowerment, while he rhymes on ‘Preseason’. It is clear that with ‘Preseason’, the rapper was able to make a project that was obviously dear to him, and offers a true display of his abilities.

This is a solid recording and a great introduction to The Hendrixxx if you haven’t listened to his music before. Make sure to give this one a play!


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