Jordan Ramble, a Christian rapper set to release his EP, “Throne of Grace”

Jordan Ramble, a Christian rapper set to release his EP, “Throne of Grace”

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Passionate about music, Jordan decided to experiment with Gospel rap after a certain incident and the resulting EP, Throne of Grace is all set to release soon.

Jordan Ramble began making rap music since 2011 and was thoroughly enjoying himself. As a youngster, he would always try to find innovative ways to make music and fulfill his passions. A music label signed him and all was fine until one day something happened in his life that changed him for good.

Jordan Ramble
Jordan Ramble

After attending a friend’s cousin’s funeral, he felt a strange void in his life, emptiness he wanted to be filled. He was an atheist. However, despite his convictions, he began going to church and by some strange miracle everything started to fall in place.

He was a changed man; he gave up drinking and smoking and found himself excited for living his life. His family fell back together and he realized that this was a sign from God. However, he went back to his old ways of making rap music and in the process, forgot about God. Soon after, his music label dropped him.

He started praying again, with all his might and heart. He decided to turn to God and make Gospel rap and preach Christianity. That is how his life changing music was born.

He is now set to release his EP (Throne of Grace), on June 17, 2016. Through his music he wants to be able to reach out to the souls who have lost meaning to live. He wants to inspire them and help them live a meaningful life. He firmly believes that God is the one directing him in the right direction.

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