Josh Christina Releases Timeless New Single “Old Piano”

Josh Christina Releases Timeless New Single “Old Piano”

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25 year old singer-songwriter Josh Christina is bringing back a classic, almost retro sound in the music world. Christina has toured across the world and even debuted on national television. His influences include a wide range of rock-and-roll legends including Elton John, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Elvis – and it definitely shows in his upcoming new, “Old Piano.”

His soulful ballad tells the story of an old piano, doing so from the point of view of the piano itself. The personification of the instrument brings a unique perspective to the listener, yet perfectly conveys the way an instrument can touch the lives of those who have played it and listened. In the song, we follow this old piano through its life – Christina’s lyrics paint so clearly the journey of who has played it and where it’s been.

From church pews on a Sunday morning to a party on a Friday night, this piano has brought joy and bittersweetness to so many, and as Christina puts it, “sang” love songs, blues, rock, and country. There is no doubt that his lyrics would remind any listener immediately of such an instrument in their lives.

The talent in Christina’s instrumentation is just as incredible as his writing. His lyrics marry perfectly with the melody of the piano he plays, and has a truly timeless sound – it feels as though it could have been released anywhere from the 70’s to now. “Old Piano” just released August 14th, and this is a song you don’t want to miss.

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