Jupiter Gray: “Flowasis” – a kick in the ass the genre needs!

Jupiter Gray: “Flowasis” – a kick in the ass the genre needs!

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“Flowasis” marks Ohio rapper, Jupiter Gray’s first project since coming out as a transgender woman. Gray has been exposed to a large quantity of influence and culture from a young age. Born to parents with strong musical abilities, it seemed only natural that Jupiter would find herself in the music industry. If there is any justice in this cruel and unfair world, Jupiter Gray will soon become one a universally respected artist. Her versatility is unparalleled in today’s underground Hip-Hop/R&B scene. Jupiter exudes copious amounts of charisma on every track included here. This lady has a rare ability to blend genres in a uniquely approachable manner. The grooves come at you from multiple angles.

Mainstream modern Hip-hop and R&B music is beginning to become a stale and bland genre. Though occasionally fans get albums from outstanding artists who break away from the generic style, many urban artists today rely a little too much on clichéd sounds. However, “Flowasis” is the kick in the ass the genre needs.

It is an ambitious record with a new and original sound of its own that takes influence from Hip-hop, R&B, Pop and Electronic. The EP starts off extremely strong with songs like “I AM a Woman” and “W.T.F (Welcome To Flowasis)” which show off Jupiter’s incredible singing and rapping skills, as well as the recording’s catchy flow and instrumentation.

This first section of the recording is where Jupiter Gray strongly asserts the status of her sexuality in no uncertain terms. It is a section of the EP that is particularly emotional and engaging, and closes out with the dramatic, cinematic-styled synths of “Queen Pinnin”.

Artistically though, a huge part of what makes “Flowasis” truly unforgettable is the second half of the EP, which almost feels like a completely different musical experience. Since it focuses more on fleshed out alternative arrangements, and the recording begins to center itself around a more daringly bold musical statement, which is something we don’t get enough of in many EP’s or albums today.

“High Note (Ft. Kidd Misfit)” rides in on a joyous harmonic sample that drives the momentum of the track, allowing Jupiter to lay down a spectacular rap flow where she shows of the confidence in her talent as well as her sensuality.

“Trouble In Paradise (Ft. Terrance Damien)” is a track full of powerful vocals from Jupiter herself, who’s voice is impactful and incredibly expressive, in any range she chooses. This is a track that simultaneously shoves its message right in your face, whilst providing subtleties that makes it well worth returning to for multiple listens.

The production on this EP is just as striking as the vocal work. The keyboard motifs are particularly haunting, and the backing vocals round out the sound effectively, but what really makes the production on “Flowasis” special, is the way that the hip-hop beats and electronic ideas are so seamlessly integrated.

The EP closes down with a beautifully poignant love ballad entitled “Runaway”. This is a powerful and honest song and is absolutely worth lots of your time.

“Flowasis” has quickly shown itself to be a breath of fresh air for the urban genres. It also puts Jupiter Gray in the spotlight, and marks the beginning of a promising career for her. If we get more interesting and thoughtful records like this from Jupiter, she will no doubt have the potential to become a decade-defining artist in the future. In more ways than one!


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