KAIYA has released her debut single “GAMES”

KAIYA has released her debut single “GAMES”

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KAIYA is an alluring indie-pop-electronic artist. Born in the Ukraine, she grew up in fashion world between Paris and Tokyo. She is currently New-York based. Her debut single “GAMES” – a beautiful catchy track, created with the collaboration of a Brooklyn-based production duo ÅMBE and ADMRL, was released on April 7th, 2017.

“GAMES” is a perfect combination of gorgeous songwriting sensibilities, haunting melodics and light and fresh electronic production. It showcases KAIYA as an aspiring artist with style and depth. KAIYA’s vocal is tender and mesmerizing, sultry and touching. It will not leave you indifferent. Her debut EP is coming out this fall.

MORE ABOUT: KAIYA was born in Dnipropetrovsk, in central Ukraine, from a non-musical family. However she has wanted to sing ever since she was 4, but quickly learned about the setbacks artists may face during their careers. At 4, she lost a part in a pre-school play because another girl physically suited the part. This upset her.

Then she planned on being in the following year’s play…but her parents moved to a different city. Growing up she began singing in a school choir but her parents didn’t think she sang loud enough and convinced her to finish art school which she hated. Along the way she fell in love with a musician who taught her to play the bass guitar.

After graduating from art school KAIYA never had the time to sing as she moved to Paris and took up modeling. From there she would move to Tokyo, London and finally to New York, where she met songwriter and producer ÅMBE. Finally she had returned to her first love which resulted in the release – on April 7th 2017 – of her debut single “GAMES” released by ADIM Records. KAIYA is currently working on her EP which is planned to drop this fall.


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