Lil Lonxly drops his new banger – “She Bad”

Lil Lonxly drops his new banger – “She Bad”

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At a time littered with often stunning cases of newcomers ascending to rap stardom in short order, 19 year old up and coming artist from Norway, Lil Lonxly is very impressive. Ready to make an impact on the circuit, the unconventional Norwegian-based rapper breaks out from the pack with his latest banger “She Bad”.

With his icy flow, Lil Lonxly verses materialize between boastful and threatening, and to the extreme. There’s a restless darkness to him as he frequents notions of success in the rap music business. No interest in simply being a statistic, Lil Lonxly seems prepared for war at this stage in his fresh career. Those thinking about stopping him may want to think twice.

Lil Lonxly simple aggressive bars match wonderfully with the dark atmosphere and heavy bass production. His expanding perspective fits neatly into the archetypes of street rap and trap. The result is an artistic identity that is vastly more fleshed-out than what many rappers his age are presenting us with. “She Bad” presents endless paths for investigation and further development.

The track is more than enough to make us not just confident, but also hopeful that we’re seeing the rapid and unadulterated development of a rap talent that has much more to share. “She Bad” is an utter joy to listen to – a simple display of what Lil Lonxly sounds like when he’s all wound up in the club, and letting it hang out lyrically. Let’s hope he keeps the momentum going as his star will only grow brighter from here.


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