LorenzoTheGawd: “Chasing Presidents” – a thoughtful, ambitious, and most rewarding project

LorenzoTheGawd: “Chasing Presidents” – a thoughtful, ambitious, and most rewarding project

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LorenzoTheGawd is a versatile artist from Bellport, Long Island, NY. From mainstream to conscious, he weaves his way through different styles. Linked to team OceanMG or Money Guru (Music Group), the artist who claims that he is here to change the world with his music, recently stated: “My drive and ambition are at an all-time high and right now I’m hungry as ever. My music will be all over by the time this year ends.” And just to confirm that this is no idle threat, LorenzoTheGawd quickly dropped 2 back to singles during June 2018, with “Chasing Presidents” and “Coke Dreams”.

Far from causing any confusion, the releases erase any doubts that LorenzoTheGawd would fail to live up to the hype; to the contrary, he more than delivered the goods. In so many words, “Chasing Presidents” and “Coke Dreams” are absolute triumphs. They have a similar earth-shattering impact to that of a genre-defining debut, as well as immediacy.

They are unequivocally his most thoughtful, most ambitious, and most rewarding projects to date. “Chasing Presidents” produced by Jouce Money, is structured much like any other major label rap release, and yet it deftly swerves away from the problems that plague the majority of its peers.

It is overstuffed with ideas, and not a single second of its runtime is wasted. It has a laidback piano driven beat and a trap-like execution, which never lacks for cohesion or clarity for a moment: “I don’t give fuck what you say / Speak on my gang and its doomsday / You can get lost like loose change / yeah, I was real lost for the booth came.” Or when he gets real explicit: “Imma win / Benjamin’s on me I pocket them / She sucking my dick out the socket damn / And you know we wit it was popping / I’m dope as the work you be copping.”

LorenzoTheGawd is playing a different game than your average hip-hop track most of the time – though he is using the same catchy formula – as he gets to work cultivating an intriguing sensory experience. His vocals feel both like enticing fabric swatches as well as centralized narrative lines.

And his raps always attempt a risky balance between style and substance. LorenzoTheGawd knows that in modern rap, both matter if you want to make an impact in an over saturated genre. The chorus also serves the beginnings of a great melody with the rapper’s voice modulating it, retaining a sense of key and smooth chord progressions.

“Chasing Presidents” is, by turns, a fascinating summer groove and good, solid rap music. LorenzoTheGawd is catering to the ears of current hip-hop fans. He is making music inside of the confines of modern rap while simultaneously pushing boundaries within it.

The piano-infused beat is layered with effortless lyrics and a hint of cocky swag, making it one of the stronger tracks in LorenzoTheGawd’s steadily growing catalog. Of course there is the stunning brand new single, “Coke Dreams”, added to that list too now, but that’s a whole different story…


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