Lisa Bett – creating slick and funky synth-driven soundscapes

Lisa Bett – creating slick and funky synth-driven soundscapes

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Lisa Bett is an indie-pop, synth-pop, dance-pop singer from California, USA. Lisa is currently garnering enthusiasm with her latest singles, “You’re The One” and “Keep It Simple”. These songs are very listenable synth-driven marvels which incorporate a myriad genre-bending ideas, without sounding pretentious or even slightly overwhelming. At once earnest and playful, conceptually nostalgic and melodically flexible, it’s a prime example of how the pure mind of an artistic newcomer can lead to a tasteful shift for an entire genre, Lisa Bett brings synth pop grooves back into mainstream focus.

Lisa Bett obviously isn’t the first artist to delve into creating slick and funky synth-driven soundscapes with their music. Others have all done it before with varying degrees of success. However, even a casual listen reveals that Lisa possess an uncanny skill for creating well-crafted slices of catchy electronic pop.

Lisa is as concerned with form and function, as she is with style and substance. Her sounds are crisp and clean, as well as crafted and balanced, to impact both dancefloors and headsets.

“You’re The One” quickly establishes Lisa Bett’s modus operandi as finely woven layers of synth and echoed vocals float above programming so crisp and clean you could eat off it.

​The pulsing synths are set to a rolling bass-line and smacking beat. Waves of shimmering keys, all buffed to a warm shiny finish, wash over the song without ever burying its infectious melody, and Lisa’s sultry vocalizations.

Lisa Bett’s voice is given the same thoughtful treatments as the music, adding a wistfulness that blends in quite perfectly with the song’s warm analog-type sound. Her vocal nuances deftly wind their way between the beat and atmosphere on “You’re The One”, leaving you captivated.

“Keep It Simple” opens with a jangly guitar intro, before the effervescent keys enter into play mode. This is the type of funky, hi-tech dance-pop soundscape, you would expect from Daft Punk. The lovely cascade of strummed, electric guitar sounds, gracefully intertwine themselves with the constantly shifting ambience, throughout the song.

​The upbeat song provides yet another example of Lisa Bett’s skill at using her vocals in her music, as her wistful voice tempers the flashy, driving rhythm, with humanly warmth. “Let’s keep it simple. Let’s take it slow. We have the freedom. Not losing control,” sings Lisa. Her mellifluous voice gently cutting through the mix and coming directly to the fore.

The song has a propulsive feel, which is never rushed. This 3-minute wonder is just gorgeous to listen to, with rolling synths, spiky guitars, and a beat that makes you feel like it’s time to hit the dancefloor. Just an awesome track, and one which I could play over and over again, in fact, I do.

It’s hard to choose a favorite track, between “You’re The One” and “Keep It Simple”. But if you’re partial to brilliant sounding tracks, both fit that description nicely. Taking her inspiration from a wide array of electronic, dance and pop sounds, which look both backward and forward, Lisa Bett has crafted her own magnetic, indie synth-pop template.


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