Lyndon Rivers: “Be At Your Beck And Call” – a new sense of purpose and direction

Lyndon Rivers: “Be At Your Beck And Call” – a new sense of purpose and direction

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Everything about “Be At Your Beck And Call”, the brand new track by the Australian-based, English producer, Lyndon Rivers, feels right and so groovy. As the funky, soulful, and perennially yearning voice lingers, Lyndon’s synths throb and rush, breaking over the relentless beat in big Balearic waves of ecstasy. It is a perfect encapsulation of the communal, near spiritual rapture of great dance music, wrapped up in a blissed-out, melodic techno anthem. Rivers sounds like his having a really good time producing this one.

“Be At Your Beck And Call” has a spring in its step, combining the single-mindedness and bright beats of club culture with Lyndon’s own characteristic melodiousness, finely attuned sense of song structure and slightly detached air of being both in the song and above it.

Lyndon balances ever-changing textures and colors while maintaining constant underlying movement, thus the track remains fluorescent and mesmeric, awash with shimmering vocals and pulsing on an orgasmic bassline.

Each Lyndon Rivers track seems to be a reaction to the one which precedes it. Hence “Be At Your Beck And Call” is loaded with wonkily pulsating keyboards, and a very funky beat, while its delicious vocalist signals a wholly unexpected new sense of purpose and direction in Lyndon’s music.

After a run of tightly-constructed, carefully-crafted singles, “Be At Your Beck And Call” is a reminder that there is always room for improvement no matter how good you think you are.

“Be At Your Beck And Call” is a work of renewed purpose whose 5-minute time-frame showcases the gems that lies within.  Odes to their past, clever innovation, and an energy that is truly infectious.

With this track, I feel that Lyndon Rivers allows himself to push the boundaries in several ways: not worrying about current trends, not caring about what he has done in the past, and going for the edge rather than the center. And naturally to not beg anyone for attention with pandering. In fact that’s how he has done such a brilliant job of evolving through each single release.

Truly, Lyndon continues to deliver beautiful and interesting music that always manages to move and groove its listeners. Each and every song evokes its very own atmosphere, taking us away into its story.

This is hardly surprising given that Lyndon Rivers is simultaneously one of the most backward- and forward-looking underground producers working today. His love for all that’s retro and thumping, is obvious, but so is his ability to transform it into contemporary electronic sounds.


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