Macho Mil announces the release of his new single “Old Ways”

Macho Mil announces the release of his new single “Old Ways”

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Hip-hop artist Macho Mil announces the release of his new single “Old Ways” on April 30th, available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music. “Old Ways” is the newest single from the rap/hip-hop artist that is known for profanity free lyrics that maintains the gritty street style of the genre. “Old Ways” features tribal and soul sounds.

Joshua Gonzalez, ubiquitously known as Macho Mil, is an American rapper and hip-hop artist. Hailing from Milwaukee, Macho Mil is popularly known for his upbeat and emotional music, and according to some is another “Kendrick Lamar” in the making. However, according to Macho Mil, ” I have my own sauce”, which is rightly so as his music is known to strike a chord, thus making it a fulfilling yet exciting experience for his audience.

The Macho Mil Story:

“Many things influenced me and molded me into the man I am now, I wake up automatically affected by the people I see and have 3 choices. Conform to the ones around me, do the opposite of what they do, or just be myself. I feel like a lot of artists don’t include themselves as an option because they’re discouraged to be who they really are. In reality that doesn’t add much room for diversity, I’m trying to add something new and ultimately help listeners find themselves as well.”

“I believe I have the influential power strong enough to create my own industry that will compete and support with the major ones already in place. My music isn’t only about the struggles I experienced, but also the good times, I’m hoping to create something people can listen to and relate. That’s what happened when I was younger growing up on the south side of Milwaukee listening to Nas.”Macho Mil


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