MACY “Love is Gone” featuring Kerry Reeve is a master class in creativity

MACY “Love is Gone” featuring Kerry Reeve is a master class in creativity

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MACY “Love is Gone” featuring Kerry Reeve is out on 99 WAVES Records, an Italian independent EDM label, specialized in releasing high quality dance music. MACY delivers the richest elements of today’s most coveted sounds. In a truly captivating collaboration with singer, songwriter, and producer Kerry Reeve, “Love is Gone”, the latest release from the artistic electronic collective cascades on to the scene with righteous vibes and original style to behold.

Kerry Reeve is an absolutely stunning artist. Her unique voice is capable of the most haunting and chilling melodies, and is also very powerful and full. You will not find a better EDM track all year than “Love is Gone”. It’s the kind of glorious, hook filled single that other artists of this genre only wish they could make; the type of song that could top the dance charts for weeks.

99waves-logoWorking around the base style that MACY has made an almost signature sound, “Love is Gone” is a track that will have you listening over and over, picking out the tricks, effects, edits, changes, elements and washes of sounds that evolve constantly throughout the music. The single takes you on a journey that is cinematic, atmospheric, full of beat and groove, and all the while it remains smooth, crisp, and deep, surrounding you in MACY’s world.

MACY “Love is Gone” featuring Kerry Reeve impresses on many fronts – production, variety, originality and vocals, and brilliant craftsmanship in the use of cutting-edge technology. This track is in itself a master class in creativity, and a humbling reminder to other artists and producers of what it means to work with originality and excellence. And of course what is a MACY song without featuring a dance diva like Kerry Reeve who always manages to sing like a bewitched angel. She does the usual incredible job on “Love is Gone”.

MACY “Love is Gone” featuring Kerry Reeve stands as EDM music that has soul, it makes you want to dance, and it makes you want to listen, again and again. It is an essential listen for anyone who loves good music and good production, while being entertained at the same time.


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