Matty G is currently shooting the video for his single “Heartbeat”

Matty G is currently shooting the video for his single “Heartbeat”

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Matt Webb is known by his stage name ‘Matty G’. His main purpose for creating music, is to bring back a real 90s r&b vibe with a twist of modern excitement. He became attached to music that can give a dramatic story behind a smooth rhythm you could two step too as well.

He calls it “feel good music”. He realized how much music revives him to be the young and vibrant soul he is today when he lost his daughter in 2015 to a pulmonary heart disease. He wants her to hear him through his music.

For Matty G it’s always been his gateway to release any emotions he feels, but going through that tough experience he became adapted to embracing the power to feel relieved and positive after any hardship. Matty G want’s to share that with his fans. To overcome any drama in your life and use it as motivation with his music.

Matty G is bright, giving an energetic and emotional connection. He draws influences from artist like Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Bobby Brown, Usher, Xavier Umar. He is currently shooting a music video for his single ‘Heartbeat’ that can be found on his website and all other streaming sites.

Matty G is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Heartbeat” and “Love At First Sight”.


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