Membrain: “Bout It” – some powerful lyrical imagery

Membrain: “Bout It” – some powerful lyrical imagery

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Membrain is a rap/hip-hop artist from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. He creates music for listeners of all ages, music that your grandma can dance to and that high school kids can relate to. “Bout It” is his latest single, available now on all major streaming sites. A music video for the track was released on Instagram. Currently Membrain is working on “My Friends Are Bout it EP” which will be released in 2019. If we put all the rappers that have produced music into a book it would be a long one, but rappers that have the potential to make an everlasting impact on the game would be only a few pages. What is common between these selected few, is the storytelling aspect that they bring to the game.  They express their lyrics in a narrative that could jump off the pages and onto a movie screen.

Membrain writes his raps from a first-person narrative that allows for the listener to place themselves into his shoes, placing them into song as well as experiencing the song. Opening strong with dark synth riffs and bars that flow fluidly over the melodic musical cymbals, and throbbing kick, allows for “Bout It”, to catch the attention of the listener just as every movie does in the opening credits.

The song feeds from the energy of the rapper, and vice versa. It’s a new heat bubbling in the underground right now that demands attention. From the beginning till the end of the brief project, Membrain kept my ears vigilant and aware.

The lyrics are heartfelt, deep and painted some powerful lyrical imagery. Over the haunting minimalist beat filled sparkling hi-hats and kick drums, Membrain’s flow shines above all else. The opening bars: “You don’t know what you just started. End up like those who departed,” immediately lays down the challenge.

Membrain is one of the few rappers putting the authenticity of hip-hop on his back. You hear it in his voice and his flow. The artist exhibits a unique style, more than competent bars, and something that is scarce in hip-hop and trap right now; a talent for storytelling.

Membrain steps up to the plate and knocks it out the park with “Bout It”. The production work is malicious, and a perfect backdrop for Membrain’s gritty rhymes. His best attribute is his honesty and openness, as he tells his story, and expectedly, the results are superb. A reminder that rap can and will evolve, but will never leave the building.

There are lots of rappers in the game.  In 2019, the number of rap albums and mixtapes seem off the charts.  Furthermore, the definition of rap has become blurred, like a number of musical styles these days.

Even with the introduction of a lot of sub-genres of rap, not everybody is capable of maintaining new-school rap at a dignified level, falling foul to its many commercial pitfalls. Differently, Membrain rides the production like a champ, showing he is a rapper to watch without question.


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