Oluse: “Boiling Point 4788c” – a complex and intriguing musical universe!

Oluse: “Boiling Point 4788c” – a complex and intriguing musical universe!

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Oluse is a Nigerian-American rapper based in Los Angeles, CA. His latest release is an animated music video for “Boiling Point 4788c”, one of the songs on his nine-track EP “Thorium”. Oluse credits E-40 and Tupac as his chief musical influences, as well as the time he spent traveling abroad experiencing different cultures. This track is a much needed shot in the arm of a music medium that is stale and lacks any kind of new creativity. Oluse has all the potential to be an important voice, and his music resonates well beyond any one genre or listener group.

Whether you consider it a concept track or not, “Boiling Point 4788c”, tells a story and engages the listener, clutching the audience by its throat. By the time it lets go, it leaves you alone with a slight feeling of discomfort, wondering what it all means and prompting you to take the journey again.

Oluse is one of the most entertaining characters in contemporary Hip Hop; he brings a clever flow with sharp wordplay. One of the interesting components to his work happens to be his choice of beats, as he grabs some of the most unorthodox instrumentals you could ever hear.

The prime of his work so far is easily demonstrated “Boiling Point 4788c”, where he powers in his incredibly eccentric rapping talents with his catchy lines. Oluse’s sharp-witted rhymes and interesting references are certainly a breath of fresh air.

Oluse continues to remain an underground talent despite some excellent work that he has released thus far. Not only does this guy have an incredible vocal talent, but he merges his extremely personal style very effectively with his beat choices. Progression is a word that nobody ever wants to hear, but it’s exactly what gets us to keep coming back to our favorite artists.

And progression is a word that suits Oluse’s development on each subsequent track he releases.  On “Boiling Point 4788c”, he has moved up yet another level. You have to respect an artist such as Oluse for bringing some new elements to the repertoire of Hip Hop’s most formidable sounds.

All of which brings us back to the discussion about progression, and the ability of an artist to constantly manipulate their output, continuing to add new tools to the sound box and experiment. Something Oluse excels in. Musically, he peddles a rich, cinematic arc that straddles genres and finds itself a couple of steps removed from the recognizably stagnant deliveries of his contemporaries.

It can be difficult to wholly evaluate any piece of rap music too hastily, especially when its commitment to the standards of narrative, lyricism, and context, is in an entirely different lane, as opposed to the norm. I suspect that Oluse is capable of many more surprising releases in the future, considering his immeasurable talents.

His is a complex and intriguing musical universe.  If you’ve been following Oluse since the start, “Boiling Point 4788c” will most likely blow your mind. For the rest of us, let’s enjoy “Boiling Point 4788c”, as it is already eons ahead of the competition.


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