Paolo Virdis is back on the scene with a new release: “Abisso” (Abyss)

Paolo Virdis is back on the scene with a new release: “Abisso” (Abyss)

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Paolo Virdis is back on the scene with a new release: Abisso (Abyss). A brand new production with a tech feel and other influences.

Artist and producer Paolo Virdis is back on the scene with a distinctive sound and a one-of-a-kind attitude. His most recent release is titled Abisso (Abyss), and it showcases some of his best creative output to date. The track has a distinctive beat and a nice layering of synth parts, reminiscent of techno, as well as trance music and other EDM currents. This production has a nice retro vibe, but it also feels compact and direct.

The song immediately captures the listen with a strong focus on mesmerizing melodic patterns, creating an entrancing intro that sets the mood right. Yet, the beat is dense and rhythmically exciting, perfect for a dance-floor friendly jam! As the song progresses, the arrangement kicks in at its maximum peak. The sound is balanced and clear, capturing the nuances of the performances, but also highlighting the perks of the songwriting and arrangement stage.

Any fan of artists as diverse as Jon Hopkins, Carl Cox, and Marco Carola will really enjoy the sound of Abisso (Abyss) and the dark, yet hauntingly ethereal atmosphere on this one. Give this release a go and don’t pass up! With such great melodies and forward-thinking sonic aesthetics, you really can’t go wrong with this track. Paolo has a distinctive approach to composition and songwriting, and this song sets the bar higher.

Find out more about Paolo Virdis, and do not miss out on Abisso (Abyss), which is currently available on the web.
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