PAR~A~DIGM Drops the single “Anyone Can Be Morphine”

PAR~A~DIGM Drops the single “Anyone Can Be Morphine”

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YR Cross Productions (YRCP) released “Anyone Can Be Morphine” this fall, a multi-genre album that is designed to combat relationship issue. “Anyone Can Be Morphine” is one of the songs from The Price of Loyalty album, performed by PAR~A~DIGM. The song is about how the wrong type of love and relationship, can be a drug that people become addicted to, and like most drugs, there’s a need and a way to break that type of harmful addiction. PAR~A~DIGM is one of the better modern bands competing for fans in the rather crowded alternative and rock genres. It is a great injustice to sell them short as simply a Christian-influenced band, as they have a very wide mainstream appeal.

In my view, PAR~A~DIGM is the modern rock band that can make new age Christian inspired music that all people can relate too. Their tracks are simply exhilarating, and portray positive messages about life. That in itself is a pleasant change from many alternative rock bands out there. “Anyone Can Be Morphine” takes the listener on a journey filled with pianos, synths, guitars and a beautiful soaring chorus. What PAR~A~DIGM does extremely well is vocals.  Reggie’s rich, wide-ranging voice creates the perfect tone for uplifting choruses and falsetto-styled bridges.

In their music PAR~A~DIGM has managed to not only explore, but successfully utilize a multitude of musical elements. Out of all of those elements, the integration of epic-like arrangements and back-and-forth vocals between the lead singer and the rest of the band has been one of the more distinguishable elements. With their last album, The Price of Loyalty, the emphasis seemed to be on all of those aspects of their music and it resulted in a convincing conceptual approach, lyrically and sonically, leading to a multidimensional sounding rock record.

The sound on their single “Anyone Can Be Morphine”, is big, the composition is strong, and the production comes across really tight while not sounding overly processed. This single is what it aimed to be; besides being a really great introduction to the album, it’s a record that lets the world know PAR~A~DIGM has the ability to adapt along with the ebbs and flows of not only the music industry, but their fan-base and own personal tastes.

As a band, they’re ready to set the genre ablaze with groundbreaking ideas. PAR~A~DIGM shows complete mastery of the elements they have chosen to showcase in their music, seemingly effortlessly, nailing a balance countless other rock bands have tried to achieve in the past few years.


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