Phenomenal Hip Hop Duo SelfishWays making noise in the Music Industry

Phenomenal Hip Hop Duo SelfishWays making noise in the Music Industry

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SelfishWays is an American hip hop duo music group that is made up of two young talented brothers- Prince Riley and King Riley. Prince Riley is currently 22 years old and King Riley is 24. They were born in South Carolina and found themselves going back and forth between South Carolina, California, Tennessee, and Atlanta. Traveling allowed them to connect with many artist, cultivate their talent and give them a more diverse perception on music.

SelfishWays grew up listening to Michael Jackson , Beatles , Earth,Wind &Fire, Luther Vandross, New Edition, Isley Brothers, AC/DC,Tupac, Biggie. That type of music inspired them to create and develop their sound. Prince and King are now being compared to Drake, Rae Sremmurd, Big Sean, The Weeknd, PND

SelfishWays released their first single, “Codeine Fiend” this year and have been catching people’s attention from left to right. Music is in their blood Music is what these two brothers have been wanting to pursue ever since they were as young as 5 and 6 years old. After realizing their passion, they dedicated their teenage years to music and basically sacrificed their normal teenage lives since 2006 to study the harsh music industry and work and improve on their craft.

SelfishWays goals are to be recognized as one of the first Universal Duo Group. Their objective is to stand out as individual and unique artist as they quote: ” We do not want to be categorized just as rappers because we are everything…”

They are currently in process of releasing their first EP “Black Paradise(2017)”. Overall, these guys want to be respected as one of the legendary duo’s in the entertainment business.


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