Pia Dean: “Gone” Featuring Scarlet Cox – almost surreal in its beauty and range

Pia Dean: “Gone” Featuring Scarlet Cox – almost surreal in its beauty and range

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At first listen, you’ll love “Gone”. Focus on the lyrics and you’ll be entering Pia’s world, where her most intimate thoughts and emotions are revealed. It’s like creeping into someone’s bedroom unannounced, maybe reading s friend’s personal diary, or even eavesdropping into a private conversation. Pia Dean’s songs are intimate in communication, elegant in construction, but profound in its analysis.

Scarlet Cox’s vocals are heartfelt and intense, adding to the already excellent melody and chord progression. I adore the arrangement of Pia Dean’s songs, as they always seem to have a raw vulnerability about them. It’s the sort of thing I love to hear in music, especially ballads and mid-tempo pop songs; strong powerful feelings and excellent lyrics.

Indie Songwriter, PIA DEAN
Indie Songwriter, PIA DEAN

This is an intriguing song which starts off in an incredibly engaging way, with a smoldering and optimistic adlib vocal intro. “Gone” has a hope-through-a-tear quality, of someone who has had a bad experience but is uplifted by positive thoughts of what the future may hold.

Pia Dean usually concentrates on creating temperamental, yet scrumptious melodies like that demonstrated on “Gone”, and which somehow manage to blend melancholy with optimism into a euphorically luscious mixture. Her catalog is packed with gems, making it very hard to pick the standout tracks, and in so doing, leaving you to almost always love the most recent release more than the others. “Gone” conjures up that same formula.

“Gone” is once again another towering compositional achievement by Pia Dean, and deserves attention. On the other hand, Scarlet Cox’s voice is almost surreal in its beauty and range – sometimes light and airy, with seemingly effortless expression; and other times a forceful, fluctuating unique emotion that seems to serve a cathartic purpose. Both singer and songwriter deserve much more attention than has thus far been given them!

MORE ABOUT – Pia Dean is a new UK indie songwriter who loves creating partnerships between words and music. Pia likes to give each track its own identity, which reflect influences that cross various genres and include but are not limited to Amy Winehouse, James Morrison, U2, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, KOL, Beyonce, Jason Mraz, Adele & Pink. Pia works with a variety of guest lead vocalists, which also adds a different flavor to each track released.

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