PROFA: “Blue Strip” – charisma without falling into formulaic tendencies

PROFA: “Blue Strip” – charisma without falling into formulaic tendencies

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Maryland based rapper PROFA is a paradoxical figure, equal parts old-school battle rapper and new-school millennial prophet. The Montgomery County Artist, Producer, Song Writer and Graphic Designer has his own record label – The Nu Threatz Entertainment – through which he has released the mixtapes: The Plague (2005), Music Monstrosity (2011), Weeds (2012), and Weeds 2 (2015). PROFA is at his most entertaining when indulging his eccentricities. While most rappers try to stress their hardcore street knowledge, he has a persona that stresses not only his undeniable strengths as a lyricist, but his knowledge of both hardcore and distinctly un-hardcore topics as well. PROFA has a great flow, and very creative metaphors. He has a good rap voice, and never seems to slow down.

I recently caught up with his “Weeds 2” mixtape, as well as the single “Blue Strip” (Prod. PC Beats). PROFA is a mastermind of the English language. The verbose verbiage of the language on his works is a deadly weapon when spewed by this focused rapper.

The sheer magnitude of savagely efficient and elaborate rhymes speak directly, both to old school heads as well as to the present day hip-hop audience. But there can be no mistaking that the fury with which he delivers his passionate rhymes is meant for the true home of rap – the underground.

Die-hard PROFA fans will love the “Weeds 2” mixtape for years, as it combines the emcee’s best talents, the battle, sharp introspective lyrics, and deep overall themes to dissect within the 14 songs. The rapper is consistent throughout. He brings coherence to every track that he’s on and delivers well-constructed, thought out rhymes.

He sounds engaged and energetic; there’s purpose in his verses. The hunger that he shows here, is missing from many current hip-hop productions. With guest features and diverse producers, it requires somebody with a clear vision to orchestrate everything and assure that the “Weeds 2” mixtape stays on course. PROFA is that figure.

On “Blue Strip” (Prod. PC Beats), he showcases that same all-round charisma without falling into the same formulaic tendencies that they ridicule mainstream artists for. If you’re looking for instant atmosphere, the bass-driven beat on this track does just that. I really like this song. It’s a fusion of PROFA’s pimpin’ mentality and his refreshing honesty, and it works well on this track.

What separates PROFA from many of his rapping brethren is that beneath his nigh-impenetrable web of words, there seems to lie a soul. Whether you’re comparing his music to other singles, mixtapes or to actual albums available on store shelves. You can reserve my seat on the PROFA bandwagon for now, as we patiently wait for him to drop new tracks, to see just where he has taken his craft since these releases first came out.


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