Red Eddy & The Al Steeles: ‘Forever Riding Rainbows’ symbolizes the idea of persevering and finding hope in the midst of difficulty

Red Eddy & The Al Steeles: ‘Forever Riding Rainbows’ symbolizes the idea of persevering and finding hope in the midst of difficulty

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Red Eddy is a Welsh artist with a rich background in voice-over work, jingle singing, and backing vocals. After a long and satisfying career, she has decided to venture into a new direction. To this end, she joined forces with her long-time friend Al Steele of the popular band, ‘The Korgis’. This collaboration has allowed her to pursue her passion for writing and to release her original works to the world. Both Red Eddy and Al Steele are arresting creatives, and in many respects, their collaborative works deal with  life’s complexities, questions and answers – crucially, they both notice things that happen along the pathway of living. Red Eddy finds solace in mindfulness, spirituality and piecing together life’s loose links. Her lyrics are insightful and often empowering. Her songs form a collection of reflections on disparate observations and interactions that she collects into a scrapbook of enlightening and whimsical indie-folk, which sometimes may mutate into a grander sonic world of singer-songwriter pop.

The single ‘Forever Riding Rainbows’ , is a fantastic calling card for Red Eddy, in the company of her exquisitely talented and illustrious collaborators, Al Steele and Si Genaro. The song is a positive and uplifting anthem that encourages people to stay strong and resilient in the face of challenges.

The lyrics promote unity and solidarity, reminding listeners that we are all the same and that we can support each other through tough times. The imagery of riding rainbows down through hurricanes symbolizes the idea of persevering and finding hope in the midst of difficulty.

‘Forever Riding Rainbows’ encourage listeners to reach out and catch the hands of others, reminding us that we are not alone in our struggles. The chorus is particularly powerful, as it emphasizes that we are forever riding rainbows and bursting through dark clouds that get in our way. This speaks to the idea that even when things are difficult, there is always hope on the horizon and that the clouds will eventually clear.

Red Eddy’s use of chromatic imagery emphasizes the idea of vibrancy and color, suggesting that life is full of possibility and that we can create our own rainbows even in the midst of a storm. Ultimately, ‘Forever Riding Rainbows’ is a song that inspires hope, resilience, and unity.

The song’s message is one of perseverance and positivity, reminding listeners that we can all support each other and overcome challenges together. The uplifting beauty of the lyrics are substantially nourished by Red Eddy’s ear warming and mellifluous voice.

Red Eddy & The Al Steeles ‘Forever Riding Rainbows’ ft. Si Genaro, is a song that impacts but never overwhelms.  Each and every sonic element is painstakingly curated.  From the resonating vocals, the emotional harmonica, the gently strummed acoustic, the sweeping strings and sweet harmonies, right down to the fiery but eloquent guitar solo, not one single sound is in any way superfluous.

Kudos must also be given to the arranging and production, which is absolutely stellar throughout.  But then again, it must be mentioned, that a singer-songwriter of Red Eddy’s artistic sensibilities, deserves no less.


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