Richard Alexander – Back To Back Let’s Keep The Punches Rolling

Richard Alexander – Back To Back Let’s Keep The Punches Rolling

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Richard Alexander (26) from long island New York has been locked in and super focused on releasing a song a month throughout 2021 on all major music platforms and streaming services!

“Can’t stop won’t stop” is the motto that is continuously motivating Richard Alexander to make more music. Richard Alexander is only adding icing to the cake with songs like “Be For You”, “Real Love” and dropping crazy visuals with his new music video “Pick It Up.

Listening to these songs you can feel the effort, emotion, and realism in each song! With every lyric Richard Alexander lays on paper you can recreate or even imagine his experiences and that’s what makes his music truly great. Richard Alexander says he’s “ready for the summer and he only has more great things to come to come”.

“Let’s work” is the two words Richard says he only wants to hear this summer. “I’m hungry and my pen is hot, you don’t hustle you don’t eat, your dreams come true when they’re fueled by hard work. I want to keep things flowing and get closer and closer to breaking through my limits reaching new heights and becoming recognized for my hard work. Music plays the feelings you can’t speak, but feelings conduct the music you create”

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