Natura – “Soaring” – a polished soundscape which welcomes

Natura – “Soaring” – a polished soundscape which welcomes

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Every now and then an album will jump out at me and grab me by the throat due its fine combination of melodic hooks, cool production aesthetics, and overall feel. One such discovery happened recently with a project called Natura – two electronic music producers who went to university and met each other in Ann Abor. They consistently collaborate with a sublime female vocalist named Sonja, who can be heard on the album “Buried Origins”. There’s something remarkably refreshing about the effortless manner in which Natura rides upon the gentle and sweeping currents that course through this recording.

In constructing a playlist that so perfectly straddles the line between atmospheric grandeur and warm intimacy, Natura has escaped the fate that typically befalls many of their peers and contemporaries, meaning not only that “Buried Origins” is immediately intoxicating, but also that its beautiful magnificence repeatedly draws the listener back for another round. The single “Soaring” finds them taking the same qualities from the album and adding a bit more body and conviction.

As a result Natura’s sound is more assured, has more interesting things going on in the synth and keyboard textures, while Sonja adds a wonderfully varied set of vocal colors. The melody, too, is the strongest the duo have yet written. Calmly opening with Sonja’s resonating vocals, the synths steadily melt their way through the music forming a polished soundscape which welcomes you into the rest of the song.

Sonja’s alluring vocals lead the music in a hypnotic kind of way and although they’re certainly very melodic, there’s an enchanting feel of narration to them which clings to your attention as you delve into the lyrics.

Amongst all of this, the flawless rhythm falls away and then rebuilds, providing the song with a dynamic backbone. With undercurrents of downtempo and cinematic flavors gliding through the music, the track as a whole proves to be both haunting and effortlessly cool.

Opting for a singular tight kick drum, or even no drums in the verses, and leaving the full kit to the pre-chorus and choruses, the kinetic percussive elements adds a unique level of depth to the various sections. The chorus sees a harder rhythm being played from the kit, which despite being more complex, doesn’t overpower the integrity of the section but instead gives it an infectious groove.

Though constantly changing, the song doesn’t at all feel dragged out, as it effectively manages to let different stylistic elements shine through when the music is in need of a contrast. Overall, “Soaring” paints a mystical, intriguing kind of sound.

It also displays a serious level of impressive complexity in regard to both composition and performance. One of the greatest strengths of this track is that it sounds very approachable thanks to a mellow atmosphere augmented by just the right touch of building energy when it reaches towards its peaks.

All aforementioned elements taken into consideration, “Soaring” is one track that is incredibly easy to get lost in. It trades very well on huge, swollen chords when needed, Sonja’s captiving mellifluous vocals, and the sort of dramatic crescendos that EDM has long excelled in. Natura has crafted a solid track, and album, filled with superb instrumentation, dynamic arrangements, and great vocals.


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