Sam and the Black Seas: “The Game” continues to produce genuine art

Sam and the Black Seas: “The Game” continues to produce genuine art

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Milan based four-piece, Sam and the Black Seas have released their second single through the Atomic Fat label on the 16th of June 2016. “The Game” was self-recorded with Daniele Falletta, mixed by Matteo Sandri at the Mono Studio and beautifully mastered by Giovanni Versari (Drones – Muse) at La Maestà studio.

Sam-and-the-Black-Seas-CoverIt is music that is acoustically driven; almost minimalist in its melody, complex in its arrangement and accessible in its instrumentation, and it packs a mean emotional punch – Thanks to the majestic interplay between Sam (lead vocals, guitar), Andrea (guitar), Mattia (cello) and Stefano (drums).

“The Game” is the follow-up to the bands debut single “The Love We Owe” released on May 6th.  This isn’t a plain-Jane pop record. It has the kind of hooks and lyrics you expect from a band of this quality. It has fine instrument layering, especially between the guitars and cello, as well as a radiant high-energy vibe that permeates throughout.

If you were at all thrilled by the smoldering and moody, “The Love We Owe”, or even if you weren’t, give yourself a chance to be swept away by just what Sam and the Black Seas are capable of with sound and words on “The Game”.

An anthem for independent spirits, “The Game” is tempered by an upbeat approach that bristles with electricity. Starting out on an almost neo-classical intro the song then switches up almost immediately into the pure pleasure zone.

Sam-and-the-Black-Seas-ProfileI was entranced by both the musicality and the clever and thoughtful lyrics which is a testament to the band’s charisma, honesty, and straightforward talent. But beyond all the other qualities, taken from the most basic, stripped-down standpoint, music, or any other art form really, is meant to evoke emotion. And that is what Sam and the Black Seas do almost better than anyone else in their genre.

Each phrase or lyric is placed not because it rhymes with a previous line, but because it is meant to be there. The difference between this band and others is that they’re not just telling you a story; they actually sound like they mean every word.

The plain truth is that this is a great song, full of unforgettable lines, a strong melody and crystal clear instrumental and vocal performances. After their critically acclaimed debut single, on their sophomore release, Sam and the Black Seas, continue to produce genuine art, as they go ahead, song after song, creating what will surely become a stunning catalog.

A download release only, the single is accompanied by a truly original video written and directed by BOTH (, shot with the fundamental support of The Family production (, the precious work of DOP fabio Casati ( and the marvellous partecipation of the cartoonist Alberto Ponticelli


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