Saul Keys – “Kalimba” – masterfully conveying the best of Latino urban dance music

Saul Keys – “Kalimba” – masterfully conveying the best of Latino urban dance music

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Saul Keys was born in the Dominican Republic, and raised in NY and Boston. Saul has opened for many Latin music artists, such as Don Omar, Jova y Nory and more. Making music since he was 13, Saul Keys dreams of taking his family out of the struggle, while he steadily builds his brand and makes a name for himself. While exploring the past and present of música urbana, Saul Keys continues to look toward a genre-bending future. On his single “Kalimba” he blends Latin Trap, and Reggaeton to forge a beast of a banger.

A quick run through his catalog reveals that Saul Keys makes all his tracks with the same passion and love for music, but each creation is more surprising than the last. The rhythms and beats are nice to bump your head to, but “Kalimba” is even better. While this track is definitely a reflection of Saul Keys’ personal and musical growth, the overall content of “Kalimba” remains a familiar let-loose and party demeanor.

Saul Keys

“Kalimba” seamlessly blends together its Latino sonics and rhythms to create a versatile piece, perfect for enjoying at any occasion. The song has the feeling of a classic reggaeton track; bringing together the pounding rhythm and flows of the old school and the sweeter melodies that modern reggaeton has become known for. In between the verses, “Kalimba” showcases catchy hooks that repeat over, as the music makes you want to shake your hips.

One thing I absolutely love about Saul Keys is his ability to uphold the expectations that come with being a Dominican Republic or Latino-styled artist, despite residing in the U.S, and still incorporating progressive elements into his music. Not only does he pay homage to his roots in his songs, but he also emulates Latino pride in every single track releases.

The U.S music industry’s thirst for artistry that provides palatable mixtures of Latin urban authenticity, ushered by provocatively transgressive performers, is perfectly matched by what Saul Keys brings to the table.

“Kalimba” is rhythmic and enticing, masterfully conveying the best of Latino urban dance music. Keys proves to be a great singer and songwriter who can combine the delivery and lyricism of hip hop with the rhythms and melodies of reggaeton.

“Kalimba” remains fiery and hypnotic from start to finish. If you’ve heard any of Saul Keys other releases, you pretty much know what to expect from this one. That’s not a dig; a big part of what you can come to expect from Keys, is extreme consistency and quality control, and this track is no exception. “Kalimba” provides top-tier production, and Saul Keys rises to the occasion alongside it.

“Kalimba” feels like a breakthrough release by an artist who aspires to moving up in the world, and is making us excited to see where he goes next. Moreover, this song is a good reminder of his talent.

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