The Rapper Dopé – “For My Dreamers” – heartfelt verses and technically stealthy flows

The Rapper Dopé – “For My Dreamers” – heartfelt verses and technically stealthy flows

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Signed to DUCMG Records, on his debut EP “For My Dreamers”, The Rapper Dopé is flamboyant as hell, riding the exuberant beats with the excitement of someone who is hearing them for the first time. He lays down so many backing vocals, as to seem an entire vocal harmony choir. But that’s not the entire message. Rather, its how good The Rapper Dopé is at the pure art of rapping. Anyone who thinks he can only handle melodic sing-song rap, and can’t straight spit, is not paying attention. He can launch into rapid-fire triple-time rhyming, and effect any cadence he wishes to.

Young talented rappers have making huge strides in the hip-hop rap industry of recent.  And even though the new wave of rap unquestionably has its low points, there are quite a few exceptions who bring straight creative fire to the table. The Rapper Dopé definitely falls into the latter category.

The first track off the EP, “Win” meets all the requirements for an opener, quickly showcasing The Rapper Dopé’s near unbeatable chemistry with his beats. Smart wordplay and high level production serves as an early testament to the quality of the EP. Another example of The Rapper Dopé’s ability and versatility is the second song off the EP, “Time”.

Here The Rapper Dopé turns up the dial on his melodic and singing strengths, while the beat bangs with driving groove and a twisting bassline. This track could find itself on a number of different genre radio stations.

Unfolding more emotional complexity than the initial songs, “Dreams” puts the spotlight on the rapper’s rhyming skills and lyrical flow, as he spits his truths about ambition and aspirations. It’s not just about glamour and hype, but the passion behind the grind. The production is also extremely impressive.

“Glow” sticks to the same impacting template – an atmospheric and expansive production, supported by vivid lyrical imagery and killer rhyme schemes from The Rapper Dopé. The middle section of this EP, presents an absolute performing apex from The Rapper Dopé, as he continues to stun with “Problem”, dishing out heartfelt verses and technically stealthy flows.

“Rush” delivers another full house of rich melody, and a smartly crafted, effects-laden vocal hooks, showing off all the artist’s creativity, and highly adaptable vocal cords. All throughout this recording, The Rapper Dopé displays immense talent with his free flowing vocals that go between quality rap and a variety of vocals.

“Gemini” presents yet another high point on “For My Dreamers”. This mid-tempo banger showcases a catchy and soulful vocal hook, while The Rapper Dopé tantalizes the listener with his precision.

“Lies” offers a slower and darker cinematic production that is at once impressive. Both the mellifluous singing and the punctilious rapping is instantly captivating, locked inside a musical backdrop that builds an intoxicating sonic aura. It’s a perfect complement to the dizzying flow of The Rapper Dopé. This talented artist shows himself to be a force on this EP, notably delivering agile rhymes and being honest and incredibly transparent in his narratives.

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