Scottie Armonie – “The Takeover” – the work of a well-versed rapper with something to prove!

Scottie Armonie – “The Takeover” – the work of a well-versed rapper with something to prove!

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An audacious knack for wordplay and an ability to go from chill to full-on frantic verses cements Scottie Armonie’s voice as what sets her sound apart from her contemporaries and peers. Moreover it’s her sarcastic and endearing ruminations that is going to hail her as the next upcoming queen of femcee-driven hip-pop. The 27 year old New York City artist – Long Island to be exact – recently auditioned for Polo of Roc Nation and won his personal email on Instagram, Facebook and Coast 2 Coast Live. Scottie is on the brink of dropping her 7 track “ The Takeover” EP which oozes feminine power and proves that she is truly a master of versatility. The recording is creative, adventurous, bold and sets Scottie Armonie as a strong contender as one of today’s most unique new artists.

Scottie Armonie is clearly marking herself as an artist engaging with her confident attitude and it’s something that makes the record that little bit extra likeable. Scottie is also clearly unapologetic; she is who she is and won’t silence herself for anyone.

This comes across loud and clear on the track “First48”. Layered with personal quips and bold statements, the lyrics show us an artist with an aggressive assertiveness. This is a track that knows exactly what it is, and it’s the work of a well-versed rapper with something to prove.

The title track, and lead single of the project, “Takeover”, has the makings of a viral hit, with its infectiously catchy hook lines and immediately identifiable aesthetic. This is an explicitly honed beast, where Scottie Armonie uses her succinct artistic span to construct a tour de force of forward-thinking hip-hop. A prowling display of artistic and personal confidence, “Takeover” finds Scottie embracing every aspect of her craft.

A record that feels incredibly raw yet completely refined, “Takeover” is an expert piece of urban engineering, with each individual element interlocking perfectly. It’s a visceral experience, with Scottie Armonie’s stellar artistry balancing her irascible sound with a killer lyrical flair that aims straight for the heart. Scottie cements her voice and incessant breathless flow as the most crucial parts of her sound.

Moreover, it’s the understanding, and mastering of her craft that makes this project flow so effortlessly. Without a doubt, Scottie Armonie delivers one of the best female-powered rap recordings of the year with “ The Takeover”. Her outspoken, witty lyricism and unmatched creativity will spark the interest of many, and it shouldn’t be long before the upcoming crown princess of hip hop starts taking over the underground charts.

Mainstream will have to wait awhile, as Scottie Armonie is still to bold and brash for its weak-ass self-celebratory deliberations.  On “ The Takeover”, Scottie uses every second of the record to showcase her talents, proving that her vocal technique and voice textures are unmatched by anyone else in her class.

Looking back on her catalog, it’s exciting to see how much Scottie Armonie’s music has progressed since her first releases; and there is an extremely high anticipation for what she’ll do next. In the meantime, dig into the full-force genius of “ The Takeover”.




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