Steve Sperandeo – “Dance With Me” elevates our everyday endeavors into something universally special

Steve Sperandeo – “Dance With Me” elevates our everyday endeavors into something universally special

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I am quickly becoming a big fan of Steve Sperandeo, and didn’t even have to wait too long for the release of new music, after recently reviewing his album “Contagious Emotions”. Steve dropped right onto my desk with his brand new single “Dance With Me”, recorded during his Covid-19 lockdown period. As usual, the insight of his lyrics are never disappointing and are particularly profound for those who have difficulty verbalizing feelings or experiences. In this way, Steve’s music is almost therapeutic. He is one of those musicians who can do no wrong. Basically, this guy is one of the better songwriters in recent memory.

“Dance With Me” is built on a mid-tempo hip swaying organic groove, populated with scintillatingly warm keys, and smartly beaten drums. And when Steve Sperandeo’s mahogany-tinged voice bursts into its mid-register and cleaves clean through your soul, it offers a thrilling and endearing moment of music. In Steve’s hands, complex melodies sound simple, and he knows how to delay resolving straightforward chord progressions just long enough to make them sound brand new.

“Dance With Me” delivers pure, primary-color emotions, perfectly phrased and sculpted by a songwriter saying exactly what he means.  In an era where singer-songwriters are considered a dying breed, Steve makes familiar sounds feel fresh.

He fills a void you might not have realized was there, and his subject matter resonates so much right now. To be clear, Steve Sperandeo’s songs are undeniably his. He’s one of those rare artists whose songs are instantly recognizable within the first few notes.

The slow-charging, lyrically enchanting song, fully-amplifies what a maestro can create when melding the steady drive of the rhythm and the excellence of a storyteller. Through his vivid songwriting, it’s easy for fans to feel more intimately close with Steve’s everyday feelings and thoughts.

The surface-level serenity provided by the gorgeous organ and Steve Sperandeo’s nuanced vocal delivery contrasts with the searching lyrics aiming to redirect sentiments into the proper path.

Steve, just like many of the greatest songwriters, elevates our everyday endeavors into something universally special. It’s not wrong to state that he can do what so many of his peers have done before him, while there may not be many out there now, who can do what he’s doing, so convincingly.

We’re lucky to have a songwriter as warm and talented as Steve Sperandeo to share with us his every day thoughts. He expresses his mindset so clearly and powerfully that it would surely, relate to, and inspire legions of others all around the world.

The world has gotten a lot gloomier, as we all know, even before Covid-19 started descending on our fragile beings. Steve Sperandeo is not alone in sensing this and mirroring it in his music, while at the same time trying to pull us through with his engaging narratives and sounds.

Like all great songwriters and artists, Steve has a way of making music that feels like it was written for every situation we find ourselves living through.


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