SIE drops the track “Good Luck Charm”

SIE drops the track “Good Luck Charm”

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“Good Luck Charm” says rapper SIE, “is a song that I feel like everyone can relate to. As soon as I began playing the beat it made me want to get up and dance. It also made me think of myself as a diamond in the rough evolving into a greater me.  At that point I knew I had to write about something that made people feel happy, something in which people could see themselves.

SIE-Cover“Something they could recite to someone else with an equal amount of enjoyment coming from the receiving end. Love is such a universal topic that I knew if I could share a perspective that the people want to hear, and pair that with reggae it wouldn’t promote anything but good vibes.”

The concept follows a man showing appreciation to the woman in his life by letting her know all that she means to him. In the first verse SIE says “I don’t deserve a girl like you, so mi make sure mi tell her say…” SIE believes that it’s one of the most important lines in the song because it’s shows growth as a man. It allows your significant other to see that these aren’t just words but in facts. It’s a reality of what we’re really living through.

“From a male’s prospective,” explains SIE, “It’s not always easy to verbally express our feelings, which is why I think all men can agree with its lyrics. The words allow us men to express how much gratitude we have for the “Good Luck Charm” in our life. On the other hand, women who are holding things down sometimes feel the need to be reassured.

“They want to hear how much they really mean to you and how far you’re willing to go for the relationship. I feel like “Good Luck Charm” does a great job at encompassing all of these things with its tantalizing lyrics and a sense of euphoria that is created from the warmth of the best.”


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