Singer/Songwriter Predicts His New Release “The Peace Formula” Will Solve All the World’s Problems

Singer/Songwriter Predicts His New Release “The Peace Formula” Will Solve All the World’s Problems

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Austin, Texas — While the world’s leaders remain baffled in their multitudinous attempts to solve the global problems of terrorism, air and water pollution, water shortage, daily gun shootings, rape, poverty, disease, etc. a spiritual master-cum-songwriter named Sankarshan Das from Austin, has emerged like a brilliant sunrise manifesting out of a pitch black night, releasing a song called “The Peace Formula,” which he predicts will solve all the problems of the world.

Das says, “This song is based on ancient wisdom from India from a time when there was perfect peace and harmony all over the world.  When the world’s leaders wake up to the message of this song there will dawn a wonderful new era of global peace, happiness, and prosperity the like of which the earth planet has not experienced for thousands of years.”

The singer manifests an amazing enthusiasm and buoyancy, which is rarely seen nowadays. At one of his concerts at the University of Texas a female fan said, “That’s the happiest, most optimistic person I’ve ever heard.” A guy sitting besides her chipped in, “It sort of makes you feel real good.”

In a style compared by the press to early Bob Dylan minus the skepticism and cynicism, this transcendental troubadour marries the worlds of spiritual enlightenment and music by releasing a song that many will undoubtedly find to be naive and unreasonably hopeful. But we can honestly say that we would love for him to be right.  The world now desperately needs a workable peace formula more than ever before.  Will this song be that doable formula? Only time and Sankarshan Das will tell.

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