So Dope drops fire on the track “Mob Shiii”

So Dope drops fire on the track “Mob Shiii”

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So Dope is an artist out of Vallejo, Ca, dropping fire on the track “Mob Shiii”. The 29 year old Bay Area native has super swag and smart word play about his crew in west Vallejo. So Dope keeps a steady aggressive cadence throughout, standing his own ground and only leaning on his own talents, as he rides the gut-busting beat.

One of the underground game’s most authentic spitters and vivid storytellers, So Dope’s knack for capturing acute moments of life’s peculiarities, struggles and street tales, garners him a consistent relatability. His ability to capture emotion and true-to-life storylines is uncanny and one of his bright spots.

On “Mob Shiii”, So Dope taps into his creative juices without swerving from his lane of rawness, and he finds real life in its content. The producer’s hypnotic backdrop, which is heavy on darkness, bass, claps and piano thumps that provide the extreme heads nod and turn up-inducing records, mesh perfectly with So Dope’s strong vocals. The beat paired with his cadence and fluid but abrasive flow, keep the track moving.

Overall, there are a lot of acute and focused messages being sent out to the intended recipients, plus an even deeper story being told by So Dope. The impatience and insistence in his voice makes it apparent that So Dope has something to say and this energy carries throughout the entire recording. So Dope has turned me into a fan. I look forward to what he has coming next.

So Dope is currently on radio rotation with the tracks “Mob Shiii” and “Can’t Get Enough”.

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