$tevo and his crew from St Paul, Minnesota are expanding their musical focus!

$tevo and his crew from St Paul, Minnesota are expanding their musical focus!

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$tevo is an up and coming rapper from St Paul, Minnesota. He uses his lyrics as a form of imagery to give the listeners a vivid picture of what the song is about.  $tevo and his crew of kyszac, Dj Minnett and others, are a bunch of young artists who do everything on their own – instrumentals, recording, mixing and mastering, etc. They are hoping to expand more and more every day, as they turn out new releases and build their fan-base.

In hip-hop, integrity is important. The stories a rapper tells must come from the heart, or else the disconnect is very easily heard. $tevo tells it all in the EP “Angels With Dirty Faces”, revealing dark moments in harrowing detail. The production keeps things interesting with strong melodies and catchy, dark beats to match the lyrics.

The songs showcase $tevo at his most level-headed and badass. The dark piano melodies and banger beats come together with the rapper’s razor-sharp flows dripping in eerie effects to make for a deadly combination. His ability to capture a sound and use it to support his unique and often bizarre flows gives him a distinct leg up on some emcees. While the subject matter is rooted with deep resonance.

$tevo, for the majority of this recording, is flying on all cylinders, providing the raw energy to power through the songs, with each track being nuanced and fleshed out, both lyrically and musically. $tevo is on radio rotation with the tracks “Angels With Dirty Faces” and “Going Insane” produced by produced by kyszac.


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