The Gin Pennies “Hypnotized”

The Gin Pennies “Hypnotized”

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The Gin Pennies, have recently recorded a live video for their single, “Hypnotized”. Their live performance of “Hypnotized” feels as if Lake Street Dive were playing in the French Quarter in the summer.

The Gin Pennies “Hypnotized”

​Frontwoman Shanelle Lewis​, has a voice for the ages, honed from her childhood in a musical family who would stay up nights playing songs around the campfire. Lewis moved from rural Ohio to Los Angeles, and quickly caught the attention of Randy Wooten, a prolific songwriter (The Bloody Lovelies, Willodean) and co-founder of Cheap Lullaby Records (Joan As Police Woman, Teitur, David Mead).

In their live video for their original tune, “Hypnotized” you can clearly see the intensity and joy of The Gin Pennies. The energy in the room is electric.


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