1403 explores emotions and sounds in “Tonight”

1403 explores emotions and sounds in “Tonight”

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1403 explores emotions and sounds outside his professional purview. The results are singular, but also invite a wide swath of artful comparisons, including Coldplay, Radiohead, Adele, and Paolo Nutini. “Tonight,” is a romantic slice of singer-songwriter intimacy showcasing 1403’s dreamy vocals. The song’s emotionality is raw but the source of turmoil artfully veiled, is it expressing desperate love or despondency over death? The album’s darkly gorgeous video favors the former interpretation with an elegant and amorous night-themed narrative.

It was produced by Grammy Award-winning Philadelphia-based Joe ‘The Butcher’ Nicolo (Fugees, Billy Joel, Lauryn Hill).

Check out the video for “Tonight”


In pop and urban circles, Tom Cameron—the visionary behind 1403— is something of a secret weapon, sweetening tracks and adding artistic dimension with his boundless musicality culled from classical music, hip-hop, soul, jazz, blues, rock, indie, pop, and EDM. In this realm, he’s collaborated and created as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Marquee entrees in his resume include writing and collaborating with artists such as Sasha, Disturbing London’s G-FrSH and Cypress Hill, among others. He has also contributed to various film scores and advertising campaigns across a wide range of genres and styles.

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