Trileon ThaGod – “Im The Truth” entices his listener with conceptual themes

Trileon ThaGod – “Im The Truth” entices his listener with conceptual themes

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Proudly coming straight out of the Queensbridge Projects in North America, Trileon ThaGod is a talented rapper, songwriter, and music producer. Inspired and influenced by his real-life experiences living in the ghetto, Trileon has released twelve studio mixtapes and has recorded hundreds of songs with countless features. His latest mixtape release, entitled, “IAmTrileon,” features the irresistible single “Im The Truth”. Trileon ThaGod has been hiding in the shadows as one of hip hop’s prophetic underdogs. His poetry offered by the wit and wisdom of the emcee’s even spoken, yet equally slicing tongue. Trileon entices his listener with conceptual themes; the thread that laces his projects together with such grit.

Trileon ThaGod verbal gestures come both small and grand, but always with the same pure, philanthropic intentions. In a society searching for solutions, he is well aware that himself, nor anyone of us hold the definitive answers, but he is always searching for truths, and spreading his personal knowledge, taken from real life experiences.

Trileon’s new track, “Im The Truth”, is a declaration of authenticity and a dedication to delivering verisimilitude, engorged with smooth raps and brimming with existential analysis. It’s Trileon ThaGod at his most bare and his most accessible, enabling us to understand the full spectrum of who he is, and what he sees.

A constant in Trileon ThaGod’s world is his baritone voice and sincere outlook on existence. The atmosphere here is thick with warm keys, vocal harmonics, and thumping drums. It’s both beautiful and haunting at the same time, and indicative of a man looking to get more out of the world than what he currently is.

Trileon ThaGod’s ability to make the listener empathize with his narrative has never been more captivating. His smooth flow bites with menace, brewing just beneath the surface of every other verse.

“Im The Truth” is at its strongest when it goes full in on that mesmerizingly simple urbane aesthetic, with Trileon riding the beat with a relaxed nod and making good on his unsaid promise to deliver the most authentic experience possible.

The overall tone of “Im The Truth” helps its message to come off as resonant and relatable – something that’ll convince the listener to actually take in these teachings instead of rolling their eyes. It’s a masterful feat brought on by Trileon ThaGod’s skillset. He can keep it real without dumbing it down, as the track’s narrative strings together a captivating listen to Trileon’s stream of consciousness.

“Im The Truth” feels resoundingly fresh and against the grain. It’s more charismatic than what’s considered new wave rap, yet more straightforward and streamlined than the usually top-heavy, old school rap. Trileon ThaGod has refined his ability to captivate without preaching or ranting. He displays a deep level of focus, while showing off his lyrical prowess as well as his ability to visualize and execute a specific concept.

Trileon ThaGod clearly values enlightenment and knowledge. Moreover, he doesn’t need to pretend or drench his delivery with overwhelming bravado because he believes what he’s saying, and maybe you should too.

Connect with Trileon ThaGod on Instagram @Trileon and Facebook @Trileon.ThaGod.


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