Ziggy: “Breathe” and “Villains” – emotional availability and aptitude for innovation

Ziggy: “Breathe” and “Villains” – emotional availability and aptitude for innovation

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Zachary Raul Reyes aka Ziggy was born in Arcadia, California, but spent a lot of time moving around since his dad was in military service, ending up in a town in Ohio called Middletown where he spent most of my elementary and high school career. Growing up, music was his life. At 13 he received his first guitar, as a gift from his mom. He took two lessons before teaching himself how to write tabs and understanding harmony. From there Reyes ventured into listening to Hip hop and metal before discovering Dubstep, which represented a complete change of direction. Suddenly sound design became his driving passion. That desire saw the birth of Ziggy and the signing in 2017, to Victery Records LLC.

Now out on all major digital platforms you’ll find the Ziggy singles “Breathe” and “Villains”, as he gets ready to release his Debut Album next year called “First Steps”. The blurring of lines between the worlds of rap and electronic music is nothing new. Many of hip-hop’s first songs drew their inspiration from the rhythmic thump of dance music, flipping samples from songs that had the specific goal of getting a crowd moving.

So it’s no surprise that the latest modern mutation of dance music, under the ambiguous EDM has crossed over and been absorbed into hip-hop. This type of cross-genre pollination is essential to hip-hop.

Ziggy’s emotional availability and aptitude for innovation is as much an asset as his eclectic palette. These traits solidify him as an artist with a sizable reach across pop, rap, and presumably electronic music. Ziggy is able to take free-form beats and drift along on top of them, drawing the listener in for the kill.

He has a distinct talent for vocal pacing; he never rushes his words, and even when he raps fast, he is still able to enunciate perfectly. On “Breathe” and “Villains”,  Ziggy is flexing and stretching his skills, exploring untouched areas of his psyche and finding things to turn into brilliant songs.


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