BETO HALE – Orbs Of Light – Video

BETO HALE – Orbs Of Light – Video

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The story behind “Orbs Of Light” by Beto Hale revolves around the separation and yet ethereal connection of two human beings. One is tasked with taking the seed of life into the future the other with its pending demise. They reflect each other perfectly throughout the narrative.

This is a video about reflection and transcendence. A visual journey of epic proportions designed to take us on an emotional voyage that is reflected in the lyric of the song, as a metaphor for the love of one another and our mother Earth. A connection carved in stone.

From Plural Films, who produced video:

“The film is an epic nomadic voyage with a SciFi twist, fused with Beto’s upbeat and inspirational song “Orbs of Light.” Thanks again to our outstanding actresses, to NASA for its archive video, Lorocrom for some incredible animations and a talented production team for making this video possible.”

Locations in Mexico City and other parts of Mexico.
Directed by Gregory Allen
Produced by Andrew Donaldson

More About “Orbs Of Light”

This was originally conceived as a song about hope; amidst the negativity that surrounds us today, I am talking about being strong, believing in yourself, no matter how many terrible things you have witnessed or experienced. The Orbs (in my mind) represent the eyes, which in turn reflect ones spirit.
It is also a song about connection; I believe the only thing that can possibly save us as a species is love, helping each other, believing in ourselves as a group. I believe there is true evil in the world, and one has to face it, bravely, to destroy it. Our generation has a huge responsibility to make the hard choices: are we going to be complacent, or are we going to act?

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