BrickBoyDior: “Chantel Jeffries” – immensely pleasing to the ear

BrickBoyDior: “Chantel Jeffries” – immensely pleasing to the ear

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A large portion of modern hip-hop, is often described as post-verbal, or some synonymous term. Thinking along these lines has resulted in pejorative descriptive terminology, such as mumble rap. It’s rare that such readings don’t feel, on some level, myopic. Often moored to outdated value sets, they undervalue, among other things, the pleasures of an improvised punchline and the joys of creatively deployed slang. In the case of the up and coming Palm Beach, Florida rapper, BrickBoyDior, it is tempting to talk about his “I don’t give a fuck I’ll take your bands and your bitch” attitude. More so than many other so called luminaries off Soundcloud and Spotify, with his latest track “Chantel Jeffries”.

The up and coming rapper who has already had a feature with Lil Pump, music represents a radical and consummate collaborative vision, shared between him, his star-studded circle of more famous peers. Together, they explore how musical space in a rap song can be filled without the traditional signifiers being foregrounded.

When a cogent quip or metaphor cuts through a BrickBoyDior verse, it sounds as if it’s arisen naturally from a collection of well-guarded explicit rhymes that just sound so good together.

A double-thick bass ostinato, and skittering hi-hats are all producer Chupi needs, to undergird BrickBoyDior’s expressive braggadocio: “I’m fuckin on that bitch then I turn her ass around”. The overall effect is immensely pleasing to the ear, as the rapper, spelunking the depths of cloud rap, hits the sweet spot again and again.

BrickBoyDior works with echoed loops of auditory bliss that invest his raps, multiplying the vocal effect into an anthemic vibe. And yes, it’s BrickBoyDior himself, above all else that controls this track’s pace and mood.

BrickBoyDior knows his strengths and isn’t afraid to modulate his approach based on the prevailing sonic atmosphere. He ebbs and flows with the production, evincing a togetherness that feels rare in today’s era of free-for-all production credits and obligatory slates of guest verses.

Despite the sometimes overwhelming outspokenness, like: “I’m trying to fuck this bitch named Chantal Jeffries,” in the final count, there is something ineffably utopian about the explicit aural lilt of the track, and the sense of indulgent luxury and hedonistic comfort it offers to the listener.

The bouncy Chupi production offers a most convincing arrangement for BrickBoyDior’s construction of mood and affect. His beat, has a singular sounding beauty, operating in a harmonic space between dark and light. So just how lit is this project? The kind of lit that makes heads nod and bodies groove.

The kind of lit that gets everyone hot and rowdy. The kind of lit that is sure to slap in your speakers. “Chantel Jeffries” broadcasts a refreshing and well-developed aesthetic – one that feels like BrickBoyDior’s specific achievement.

The record is as immediate as any of his other releases, with an even sharper stylistic signature. Its charm lies partially in BrickBoyDior’s eminently chill composure and smooth charisma. His music feels like a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded field.


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