“Ketamer01B (simm’ a MAFIA)” by Italian DJ/Producer Doc Ketamer

“Ketamer01B (simm’ a MAFIA)” by Italian DJ/Producer Doc Ketamer

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“Ketamer01B (simm’ a MAFIA)” is a track off the 2019 EP “Ketamer” by Italian DJ/Producer Doc Ketamer.

Doc Ketamer

Today’s EDM scene is at the height of its commercial success. Everybody wants to be a DJ or Producer now, and pop music, more or less, equals Electronic music. On his latest single, Doc Ketamer, who has been in the game for two decades gives us his authentic European flavored electro-jam blend. The track is victorious and uplifting, as the music pumps into your bloodstream.

Doc Ketamer brings us back to what we all loved about electro. He seems to have given us the original formula that was first unveiled many years ago, while breaching into funk territory and revealing some modern tricks along the way. In some ways similar to the adventures of Daft Punk or Justice, on this track, Doc Ketamer proves to be a technical wizard with an immaculate grasp on how this style of electro works.

“Ketamer01B (simm’ a MAFIA)” is characterized by aggressive pacing and an almost dizzying amount of variation. Overall, it is a well-rounded musical experience that is consistently engaging and innovative. It is a track that compels your attention at every moment. Doc Ketamer accomplishes this feat by using distinctive sounds and continuously varying his hooks.

Stream or Download the music here:

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/4LpIb2YGQ3zzr1YKVBPPch

Apple Music: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/in/album/_/1474223795?uo=4&app=music&ls=1&at=1000lHKX


Yendex: https://music.yandex.ru/track/55758114

All-in-one link: https://song.link/album/i/1474223795


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