Mazzy and the Rock – their melodic dimensions are complex and beautiful, and the warm tones put the soul at ease

Mazzy and the Rock – their melodic dimensions are complex and beautiful, and the warm tones put the soul at ease

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Mazzy and the Rock is a duo from New-Brunswick on the East Coast Canada, composed of Alex 17 (Guitar) and Mazzy 18 (Vocals). Both song writers, they decided to come together and record some of their original material. They currently kick things off with two songs; “How it feels” and “Goodbye the world”. Their music offers a glimpse of what goes on in the head of a teenager in the modern-day world.

Mazzy and the Rock is an extraordinary duo that really stops anyone whose ears grace the sound waves their music rides on. In a breathless slur of words I guess I’d label them, on the strength of these two songs alone, as being Downtempo acoustic with a chilled-out culmination of so many different styles bubbling underneath Mazzy’s incredibly soul-searching and ethereal voice that it’s nearly impossible to describe!

mazzy-and-the-rock-coverImagine coming home to your apartment on the 25th floor in a big city at night, and looking out of your window that takes up a whole wall and seeing the entire cityscape lit up with cars going by on the roads below. That’s exactly what “Goodbye the world” and “How it feels”, sounds like to me: slow, modern, and constantly rhythmic, with faraway flashes of colorful imagery sparkling in the distance. Mazzy and the Rock perfectly weave a tapestry of sound that is as melancholically mesmerizing, as much as it is radiantly warm.

Their music, built out of Alex’s uncomplicated and assured acoustic-guitar sounds and Mazzy’s cleverly crafted vocals, evoke warmhearted, but deeply contemplated images of the troubled and sometimes misguided youth, with an insight way beyond their years. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted at the variety, depth, and inventiveness of Mazzy and the Rock in producing these barebones pieces of reflective musical art.

The songs’ melodic dimensions are complex and beautiful, and its warm tones put the soul at ease. Lyrically each track provides its own individual commentary that hopefully pieces together an upcoming album for us all to immerse our souls and minds in. One thing we know for sure in the meantime is that Mazzy has an addictive voice that breeds emotion and imagery.


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