Rog & Glenn releases Official Video for “Cowboy Hat”

Rog & Glenn releases Official Video for “Cowboy Hat”

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The third album by songwriting and recording duo Rog & Glenn continues the act’s tradition of challenging modern pop and rock conventions but is also a departure. Much of “Another Place” sounds like an homage to classic and progressive rock music of the 70s, merging catchy pop hooks with complex arrangements and some stretches in which songs are joined together as medleys. Rog & Glenn have now released the official video for the track “Cowboy Hat”, off the “Another Place” album.

“We struck a balance with this album that might not have been as apparent on our previous efforts,” Glenn Hubbard said. “We like being quirky and ‘out there,’ but we also like it when people are able to wrap their heads around what we’re doing. People are telling us they can with this album, and we’re happy about that.”

Rog & Glenn say they stumbled into a writing approach in 2012 that has continued ever since, yielding a surprisingly large bounty of song ideas. “We use improvisation – not just musical but also lyrical,” Brandon said. “We record long stretches of whatever comes into our heads and then cull the recordings later for ideas we want to develop. In many cases on this album, the ideas came out in an order we decided to maintain, which is why there are some medleys.”

Rog & Glenn’s previous albums were Close the Club (2012), Martians (2013), and Put it on the Sleigh, a 2014 holiday release with the group Collaborateurs. Another Place and previous Rog & Glenn releases are available on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify and many other online venues.


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