Rohan Reid & Filip: “It’s Christmas Time” – an alluring acoustic-driven soundscape

Rohan Reid & Filip: “It’s Christmas Time” – an alluring acoustic-driven soundscape

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You may have noticed Christmas CDs showing up at your favorite coffee shop, or bookstore (yes, some places still have those). I’ve have friends who have been playing Christmas music since April. There are some really stunning orchestral arrangements combined with some dramatic studio magic, as well as brilliant vocal interpretations to be found in the marketplace. More often than not though, Christmas releases are simply cash cows for most artists. They sing these songs like they are reading the Yellow Pages and are still able to get away scot free simply because these carols by themselves are already seasonal successes.

Rohan Reid and Filip avoid this completely. “It’s Christmas Time” isn’t elevator muzak, as Reid puts a lot of creativity and focus into the writing and arranging of the record, which is also sung divinely. “It’s Christmas Time” is a track written by Rohan Reid and sung by Filip a professional studio singer.

The track sees Filip take on a Christmas song with his own stunning style, spirit, and soul. The gentle, alluring acoustic-driven soundscape is perfect for his smooth and dynamic voice, which is so versatile that he has no problem switching register between bars.

The musical arrangement, on the other hand, is uncluttered, simple, yet lusciously executed with warm tones. “It’s Christmas Time” is also meticulously recorded, engineered and mastered. The lyrics are also geared towards the unifying atmosphere that the Christmas season brings with it.

Clearly Rohan Reid put a lot of thought in how he approached this new release. Superb from beginning to end, “It’s Christmas Time” is an absolute must for your Christmas music collection. No question. If only to get away from those great, but tired classics we’ve come to love over the years.

This is the type of quality Christmas song that can stay on rotation alongside those classics in your collection, as it will not for one second sound out of place. On the contrary, it will add some modern pop spice to your playlist this year!

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