“TRY” – Bab M feat. Alicia R & Hygui Lion

“TRY” – Bab M feat. Alicia R & Hygui Lion

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BAB-Masano is a young, multi talented man whose story starts along the west Saharan coast of Africa. BAB-M found a passion for music at an early age released an album entitled “Prophecy” with an incredible band named “Black Marabouts”. In 2008, it was the release of his second album “Heritage” that took him to New York. He performed at the Blue Note and, like many before him, became an active part of the New York underground creative class.

“Try” is a song that reminds us all of the power of will. It is a song that is calling everyone of us to give a try whether it comes to fighting in you life or for love. It is a song that encourages people to always get back up when, disappointed or when things don’t go the way they expected and to try again.

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