Traveller – richly textured and complex songs that are highly accessible

Traveller – richly textured and complex songs that are highly accessible

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Colin Tyler, who works under the moniker Traveller, is a songwriter and musician based in London who tours the world performing. Formerly in a number of bands, he has gone round the London music circuit a number of times. He also produces his own songs, in a style combining guitar with electronic sounds and plenty of harmonies.

Traveller has currently released two tracks, “Light From My Window” and “The Universe”. Traveller’s music lies in that wonderful but exceedingly rare territory where songs are richly textured and complex but highly accessible. They sound almost lighthearted and sweet, while underneath the hood there is a whole lot going on, both musically and lyrically.


Very few bands have ever been able to pull this combination off convincingly. One band that instantly comes to mind is R.E.M. The combination of complexity plus accessibility makes their music listenable, over and over. Traveller’s creations have similar qualities.

“Light From My Window” and “The Universe” really have so many layers like the peels of an onion, the music, the lyrics, the accompanying vocals layered and subtle, that you will probably find yourself years from now still listening to them.

Particularly “The Universe”, which has a classic all-engulfing pop rock sound, awash with melody and harmony reminding me of past legends such as The Moody Blues and The Alan Parsons Project. The song sticks in your mind with its melodic guitar and lilting phrasing, and is worth listening to for the harmonies alone.

As a listener, I find the lyrics fascinating – besides rendering unique meanings to different listeners, they, along with the layered instrumentation, create a kind of utopian, positive, and uplifting emotional feel. From beginning to end, these songs are a perfect blend of power and grace.

The jangly acoustic-guitars, the driving rhythms and distinguishable lyrics, are energized with an indie flare and anti-trend muster. Authentic and earnest, this is creative, unpretentious stuff – filled with miles and miles of melodies and countermelodies, distancing Traveller from the bulk of pop music that is out there right now!


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