Lyndon Rivers: “We Made It” – A heavenly dose of euphoria

Lyndon Rivers: “We Made It” – A heavenly dose of euphoria

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The best spot on the dance floor is right in front of the bass tower. That’s where the dance heads always go because they love the feeling of the bass moving and shaking their bodies around. Sometimes they’ll face the DJ as he is working his magic, and others they’ll turn their backs to the DJ, facing the crowd, back pressed right up against the speaker so they can feel the music as much as they can hear it. It’s a challenging spot to be in: too loud for some, too aggressive to others. But no matter what club you go to or in which city, pretty much anywhere in the world, the EDM fiends are usually the ones dancing by the DJ booth or as close to the speakers as they can get without actually climbing inside. Chances are the DJ may be spinning a track by producer Lyndon Rivers, and for a real bass pumping experience, that track may be “We Made It”, his latest release.

A lot of people hate dance music. They say it’s boring because it all sounds the same – untz, untz, untz, untz over and over again. But the beauty in dance music is that you have to listen to it — really listen. It doesn’t give itself away like pop music does, and you have to be aware of changes in bass, changes in phrasing and structure. It’s louder, sure, but it’s also a lot more subtle, surprisingly.

The more ribcage shaking the better. It’s music that challenges you to keep up with it and that’s why it’s so exciting. A great dance record makes you forget where you are, makes you forget the rent is due, or that your dance moves look a little foolish. And that’s what “We Made It” does.

The song strips away all of that because it’s music for the body. Any and all bodies. It climbs into you like a spirit, and the only way to get it out is to dance. Moreover, Lyndon infuses the music with pop vocals, so beside the beat you have the verses and choruses and hooks and things to sing along to, as the dance beat alone won’t give you that much.

When you have a dance jam like “We Made It” stuck in your head, you can sing it to help coax the ear worm out. The dance floor is a beautiful place for this track, because it’s hard to resist the constant pulse of its steady beat, even if you don’t know how to dance to it, and even if all you can do is tap your foot to it.

“We Made It” by Lyndon Rivers delivers a great wall of annihilating sound. A heavenly dose of euphoria, flush with breathless basslines, and hooks made to stick in your head. If you’re feeling agitated or your brain is doing somersaults, stick this on.  It’s a riot of rhythm, sound and energy.


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